5 Best Relocation Questions to Ask Before You Relocate for Work and Sell the House

Best Relocation Questions to Ask Before You Relocate for Work and Sell the House

This is an exciting time. You’ve just been offered your dream job, and you can’t wait to get started. The catch? You also have to relocate your whole life, family, and belongings to a new city or even a new state. You might be asking yourself: how do I sell my house for relocation?

Selling a house for relocation can be stressful, especially if you only have a few weeks to move out and find a new community to live in.

There are some relocation questions to ask before selling your house. Consider these as you go forward with your big move to find the best new place, all while you quickly sell your old home.

1. Ask Your Employer About Covering Moving Costs

Ask Your Employer About Covering Moving Costs

When you find a new job that’s asking you to relocate, they will often pay some, if not all, of the moving costs. This can come in a stipend or in other ways, depending on the company. However, even if you receive some compensation for your move, you will still be responsible for your previous residency. If you own your home, you will still be responsible for selling it, renting it out, or finding some other way to deal with that property while you’re away.

Most start-ups understand that some employees will need to relocate and that you likely have relocation questions to ask before selling your house. If at any time you’re unsure about what benefits you should be receiving, or you’re confused about your moving stipend, reach out and ask!

2. Ask About Benefits and Compare the Real Benefits of Your Current and New Employer

Covering moving costs isn’t the only benefit of working with a new employer.

A new job can be a life-changing opportunity, or at least it can look like a once-in-a-lifetime chance. The excitement can sometimes blind you from sitting down and comparing the real tangible benefits of your new job vs. your old job. Be realistic about this new job before you commit to moving.

Analyzing the Benefits

Look past just a pay increase. Will you have a flexible schedule or one that allows you to work at home? Will this job offer better health insurance than your current employer? More vacation time or paternity/maternity pay?

It’s vital to consider these benefits because selling your home means getting rid of a large financial investment. You may have invested a lot of time and capital into updating or personalizing your home, so leaving it may be a difficult choice for your family. Not to mention selling your house for relocation is a major investment into this new job and not a choice you want to regret.

Really consider: is it worthwhile to sell my house for this relocation?

3. Ask if Your New Employer Will Cover the Costs of Visiting the New City

3. Ask if Your New Employer Will Cover the Costs of Visiting the New City

While you may get some help covering the cost of moving from your current location to the city your new job is in, there’s more to moving than boxes and trucks. Consider this: do you need to visit the city you’re moving to so you can scout properties?

It’s not advised to buy a home or even rent a property sight unseen. See if your new company will help you cover the cost of coming out to visit the offices and see the local communities. You can also take this time to talk to a local real estate agent and go to some home showings, so you can see the locations for yourself before renting or buying a new place.

4. Ask Around and Find a Relocation Service

Ask Around and Find a Relocation Service

A great way to reduce the stress of your move is by hiring a relocation service to help you. Selling a house for relocation is often done very quickly, so selling the traditional way can be challenging. You can make it even harder by putting up the house for sale yourself.

Hiring a real estate agent who understands relocation services can help. When you have relocation questions to ask before selling your house, why not ask the professionals. Ask them questions along the lines of:

  • Can you sell my house for relocation in my timeframe?
  • Do you have a history dealing with other relocations?
  • Can you work with my specific needs?
  • Can you help me keep track of home tours, so I remember them when I return home?
  • Can you perform home searches nationwide or worldwide?
  • Do you offer corporate relocation services?

Let the realtor know everything they need to find a new home that really suits your needs. This includes hobbies and your current lifestyle. Plus, remember to clearly communicate your selling timetable to make the most of these services.

5. Ask about the Benefits of Your New Location

After you’ve hired a relocation expert, or if you’ve decided to get in contact with a real estate agent, consider how the community you’re leaving will compare to those you’re thinking about moving to.

Job benefits aren’t the only thing to consider when moving. On average, the second most problematic part about relocating is reincorporating into the new community, while the first is finding a new house. While getting a good real estate agent can help you find a new home, getting into the community is a personal journey. Finding a community that suits your lifestyle is a crucial part of making your transition to your new job smooth.

Get back to your life quickly…

You’ll want to make a new normal for you and your family as soon as possible, not to mention you’ll need to make new friends, find new places to eat, and even go to the gym.

When you consider this new job, consider the new amenities available in your next community. Will your new community have good schools for your children? Will it have the same or similar amenities you utilize now? Will the neighborhoods available to you increase your current living standard, or will you have to downsize?

Selling a house for relocation?

You have got a lot to worry about while you’re considering relocating your life for a new job. While this is an exciting time, you’re also going through a major life transition. Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful life experiences people can have? When it comes to selling your house for relocation, asking the right questions, and finding the right real estate company for relocation service can help take the stress off your shoulders.

This article covers the relocation questions to ask before selling your house. These are vital to consider as you look to upheave your entire life for a new job opportunity. While it can be stressful moving, you can make the process easier by asking the right questions and getting the benefits you need from your new employer.

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