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Real estate has long been regarded as a sound investment that consistently provides a higher return on investment. Even if you are not in a rush to sell the house, you may still want to sell it quickly. On average, it can take two to three months or more to sell a home. There are maintenance and upkeep costs too. If you want to sell a house fast in Maricopa, AZ, you have to act fast and follow the proper steps. The following are the ways to get top dollar for your Maricopa home.

Time the Sale for the Peak Sales Season

Spring and summer are ideal times to begin the selling process. According to market data, sales rise in early May and peak in mid-June. Though Maricopa does not have harsh winters, house sales are usually slow during the winter, so time your sale to coincide with peak sales season. Before the sale, you will need to do some preliminary preparations. These preparations can include staging the house, decluttering it, completing essential upgrades and repairs, and listing it on online portals.

What Selling Option Suits You?

You can sell your house with a realtor or choose to sell it on your own. When you hire a realtor, they will take of all the marketing and may use online ads, fliers, and their connections within the real estate industry. Weigh the pros and cons and choose a method based on what will work best for your situation.

Keep in mind that selling a home on your own takes time, effort, and some knowledge about the real estate market. Working with cash home buyers in Maricopa, AZ, can be a fantastic alternative.

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Price Your Property Right

Never overprice or under-price your home. Do some research and determine the right price based on its condition, location, and market trends. Allow for leeway in negotiations. You may also hire experienced appraisers for a small fee, which can help you accurately price it.

Don’t Hide Anything from the Buyer!

Full disclosure can protect you from future legal repercussions. Be forthright and honest about any problems or disadvantages in your home. Inform the buyers of any significant repairs you have done recently. If there are known issues with the plumbing or electrical work, notify the buyers. Ensure that all of your inspection papers and other records are in order so that potential buyers can make an informed decision.

If your home is damaged or outdated, you can still sell it without making repairs. If you are thinking, “I need to sell my house fast in Maricopa, AZ,” then contact us to get your cash offer today.

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