How Much Does It Cost To Sell Your Home In Phoenix?

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Your Home In Phoenix?

Most home sellers don’t know this at first, but selling a property can cost you a lot of money. Especially if you have to do a lot before the home can be listed, expect to pay a pretty penny.

If you’re facing such a situation, you’re probably wondering: “How can I sell a house fast in Phoenix without spending an arm and a leg first?” Well, we’re happy to say we’ve got the answer you’re looking for!

Let’s take a deep dive and look into the costs associated with a traditional home sale. Then, let’s look at how these can be avoided!

Repairs & Renovations

You may think that doing a few minor repairs before listing is enough, but you’re probably mistaken. Sure, you can do repairs, but they may reveal damage that requires even more expensive repairs.

And it’s not like these can be avoided. You’ll need to get a home inspection, and these will be found during this. And when they are, your home’s value will go way down.

On average, homeowners pay close to $10,000 on pre-sale repairs. That said, you could pay more or less!

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making repairs, sell your home directly to cash home buyers in Phoenix. They buy houses in any condition, and they always pay in cash.

Marketing Costs

You’ll have to pay for online and offline advertisements. Whether you’re advertising the home sale in print or through an online portal, you’ll need to shell out a lot of money to reach a large number of buyers. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for professional photography and staging.


When a real estate agent helps you complete a home sale, they’ll charge about 6% of the selling price as a commission. For example, if you sell your home for $500,000, you will need to pay a commission of around $30,000. See how this can greatly reduce your profit?

Closing Costs

Even if you manage to sell your home without an agent, you can’t avoid the closing costs. You may have to pay attorney fees, underwriting fees, origination fees, escrow deposit fees, transfer tax, and title search fees. You’ll also have to pay for title insurance.

Usually, the total cost is 2-3% of the selling price.

But there’s a way to avoid paying closing costs; you just need to choose an alternative home-selling method.

Sell your home to Go Fast Offer, a reliable cash home buyer in Phoenix.We’ll close quickly and make sure you get a fair price; no commissions or closing costs!

The cost of selling a home in Phoenix can be quite high, especially if there’s damage you have to fix beforehand. Do you want to avoid all these hassles to enjoy a fast and convenient home sale?

Then sell your home to Go Fast Offer! We buy houses in Phoenix in any condition, and we always pay a reasonable price. Get in touch with us today to receive a no-obligation cash offer in under 24 hours.

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