How to Shield Your Phoenix House From Scorching Heat Waves

How to Shield Your Phoenix House From Scorching Heat Waves

As the hottest city in the US, Phoenix regularly experiences average summertime temperatures higher than 99 degrees Fahrenheit! Phoenix is significantly dependent on air conditioning and other electric-powered cooling systems, comparable to other cities like Atlanta and Detroit. But what if the public was left without those systems due to a blackout? This post will give precise, actionable advice on properly preparing your house for the impending heat wave.

Block the Heat Coming Inside

If you can keep heat from entering your home, you can spend less money and energy on cooling. Plant deciduous trees that will shade your home in the summer while letting the sun shine through in the winter. Use exterior covers to offer a veil for windows and walls, like shades, awnings, or large potted plants.

Upgrade Your House’s Insulation

Insulation doesn’t just keep your house warm in the winter. A good insulation system keeps the cold air inside and the heat outside. Consider upgrading your insulating materials or adding more layers to increase energy efficiency and maintain a cozy home temperature.

Try a Cool Roof

Your roof shingles may be too hot to touch when summer peaks. There are a few strategies to avoid overheating roofs and retaining extra heat. The sunlight your roof absorbs during the day can be decreased using reflecting shingles or materials. Large trees can also help keep the roof cooler.

Keep Doors Closed and Seal Gaps

By shutting the doors to rooms you aren’t using, you can keep cool air where you need it most. Use draught excluders and seal holes around doors and windows to ensure the cool air cannot escape.


Painting your house’s exterior white or another light, reflecting color is a fantastic long-term solution for keeping your home cool. Dark hues draw and absorb the heat from the sun. 


As you gear up to prepare your house for the upcoming heatwave, remember that a cool, comfortable home is not just about physical comfort but also peace of mind. While these tips will improve your summer, you may consider other options, such as relocating to a cooler location by selling your house quickly.

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